Top Reasons to Invest in the Middle East


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Middle East has undeniably been the global leader in the oil sector for many years, and has still a significantly impact in the entire region. In their quest to reduce the dependence on the same and diversify their economies, the government decided to welcome foreign company registration in the service sectors offering them with incentives that vary from country to country.

If you’re yet to make up your mind to invest in the Middle East, then there is no other better time to do so than now. Actually, numerous benefits are destined to come your way the very moment you take this route. After all, Middle East and its geographical position is a good way to serve Europe, Africa, and Asian markets at the same time. Dubai is the ideal example of tax-exempt headquarters for the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

For those who have done their homework, then you might already know that Saudi Arabia remains the largest Arab market and is one of the world’s main trading nations in terms of goods and services.

Bear in mind Saudi Arabia is still dependent on imports for most of its manufactured items and many of its food industry. Consequently, local residents are hungry for international products & services and are willing to spend on quality.

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It doesn’t end at that since a Dubai company is an ideal way to book global profits while legally minimizing taxes. There are no corporate tax, personal income tax, withholding taxes, VAT and no capital gains tax. Exceptions apply to petrochemical companies, oil and gas companies and branches of foreign banks.

Remember, Middle East has several countries with no corporate taxes such as Kuwait, UAE, or Bahrain. But income generated from these entities may be subject to personal income tax.

The above are merely some of the reasons why you should make up your mind to invest in the Middle East. Of course, there is more to investing in the Middle East than what is mentioned in this simple guide. No wonder you should do your homework before making this all-important investment decision.

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