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Red Flags to Watch out for When Hiring an SEO Company


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Hiring a search engine optimization agency isn’t your everyday business decision and it’s more than just a quick handshake and a signature. Actually, it is like beginning a long-term relationship and everyone knows a relationship can’t survive without honesty. And your relationship with your Los Angeles SEO agencyis no different as honesty and transparency are the key factors.

Whether they are using black-hat SEO Los Angeles tactics or not spending as much time on your account as you had originally contracted for, SEO agencies can get away with a lot nowadays. This is especially if you don’t know what to look out for. So, below are red flags you need to watch out for when hiring an SEO company Los Angeles.

You Talk to a Different Person Every Time

When you’re constantly being passed around from one person to another, your account will possibly not receive consistent work. You can’t exactly know if what you discussed with an agent was completed if you are referred to a different agent the next time you contact them. And you’ll definitely need to have a reason to be concerned.

It’s also vital you look whenever key account managers or project managers are replaced in your account as this can point to internal issues within an agency. If the agency doesn’t have a strong culture to maintain stability, motivate their team and align with the agency’s vision it can force its employees to seek other opportunities. And this can in turn affect your business negatively. Plus, it leads to disruptions in workflow and communication and these aren’t what you paid for.

You don’t Receive Regular Status Updates

If you don’t receive regular updates it can be a clear sign that your SEO agency Los Angeles CAisn’t monitoring your progress. Obviously, it will be unreasonable to assume that your SEO agency will email you whenever you attract a new traffic to your site. However, you should receive status reports at least once a week or at the very least once a month.

So, you’ll need to request weekly updates via a short phone call or a well documented email will as well be ideal. Also make sure the end-of-the month reporting is thorough and done in-person or through conference call and screen share.If the prospective Los Angeles SEO company can’t guarantee this, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

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