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Must-Have Online Donation Form Features


Nonprofit organizations are widely known for their clear vision, passion, and great ideas. But the problem sets in when it comes to translating them into tangible support. Nevertheless, coming up with funds targeted at upholding the nonprofit’s financial sustainability is essential.

And to allow for a stable and progressive future for your nonprofit organization, you should consider leveraging what the internet offers. Online giving is now the talk of town, with more donors preferring to give online than ever before.

However, there is a growing number of organizations competing for donors’ dollars and attention. To remain afloat in this changing landscape, you need to allow for a smooth and efficient way for donors to donate online. And one of the best ways to go about this is by creating the best grader online form.

While an online donation form shouldn’t be your only area of focus when accepting donations, it needs to be an important part of a holistic fundraising strategy. One must-have feature in your online form is that of recurring donations.

Thanks to this feature, donors sign up once, after which their gifts are made automatically and at a rate of their choosing. When a donor sets up a recurring donation, they find it ideal to give a predetermined amount of money on a regular basis.

Another feature worth including in your online donation form is that of employee matching. With this feature, companies can match their employees’ donations to eligible nonprofits. Employee matching is perfect way to strengthen your fundraising efforts and has the potential to help you attain your fundraising goals much faster.

The employee donor feature allows your donors to search for their employer’s gift matching policies at checkout. Somewhere on the donation grader online form, usually after donors choose the gift amount, there is a field where they can search for their employees.

If the organization is in the matching gifts database, it will be displayed in a dropdown menu. Be sure to promote the employee matching feature to maximize donations through matching gifts in the even your donors don’t know about it.

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