How Toad for Oracle Base is Stronger Than Oracle SQL Developer


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Toad by Quest will always carry the day when it comes to the heavy lifting of database development and database administration. You might think ‘Toad for oracle base costs money. QL developer is free. I’m going with free.’ After all, who doesn’t like free?

However, there is not much comparison between the two products. Toad for oracle base gives you the muscle to be so much more productive than you can be while leveraging a freeware product like SQL Developer. Not to mention the sheer fact that it is now available by subscription, with a low, low introductory rate of $195.

Having said that, this article takes you through some of the ways Toad for oracle base is so much stronger than SQL developer.

Task Automation

The only thing way better than making Toad for oracle base perform hard, dull tasks is having it perform them automatically. That’s why you should always make it the norm to use automation to reduce the risk of manual errors while handling repetitive tasks like schema compare, script execution, administration and reporting, The Toad for Oracle UI includes an automation designer for scripting and scheduling workflow.

Integration with Version Control and Team Coding

To reap maximum benefits from the collaboration among developers and administrators, Toad for oracle base controls and monitors the check-out/check-in of the PL/SQL code files in source control. Actually, it goes beyond support for the usual aspects like CVS, Git, Perforce, and Subversion to include Rational, Mercurial, Serena PVCS, Visual Studio and Team Foundation.

SQL Editor

Take a moment and think about how you spend most of your time? I bet it’s writing PL/SQL, right? Toad for oracle base has spent years building as much efficiency as possible into the editor. After all, if you’re going to spend a lot of time writing SQL, you may as well have the tool on your side.

While devoted Toad for oracle base users always rave about the Pro and Xpert editions, many of the most enthusiastic reviews are about Toad basics like the schema browser and SQL editor.

Free may be good, but it’s not necessarily better.  Small businesses and Toad for oracle base users should take advantage of what it offers when looking forward to driving business growth. Actually, this is the ideal time to upgrade to Toad for Oracle Base.

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